The valiant tailoress

Sewing, Knitting and Crochet at one stroke

The new magazine

A lot of knitters are also sewers and vice versa. And yet, pattern publications – be it books or magazines – are often either for knitters or for sewers. Knitting and sewing are treated like two separate worlds. As a crafter you might know the result: Sometimes you are planning a garment or an accessory to go with a specific piece. But more often than not, your knitting and sewing projects are not necessarily related to each other. 
And thus, are pretty as unique pieces, but do not result in a matching outfit. So, you wear your lovingly hand-knitted sweaters with jeans in want of a better combination. 

The valiant Tailoress is the first magazine to change that. By thinking in outfits right from the start: a sewn dress with a matching knitted cardigan, a pullover with its complementing skirt. A magazine were sewing, knitting and crochet come together. 

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Cover The valiant Tailoress

Issue 1 – The enchanted forest

‘The enchanted forest‘ is the theme of the first issue. Lush greens, bright colours of forest flowers, changing light. A walk on winding paths in the early morning light, the discovery of hidden entrances. 
14 designers from around the world have turned their associations with the topics into designs.


– 260 pages

– 11 sewing patterns

– 12 knitting patterns

– 2 crochet patterns

– 6 Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

– Over 100 fashion photographs plus illustrations

– An interview with knitting designer Isabell Kraemer

– The story behind Chiengora, the ‘new cashmere‘

– ‘How-to’ article: Lining a sleeveless dress

– 4 pages DIN A0 pattern sheets 

– Comes in separate envelope



Printed issue 


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Cover The valiant Tailoress
260 pages, 11 sewing patterns, 12 knitting designs, 2 crochet designs.
In depth articles about fibre, colour and crafting.

English. Printed issue.
34,88 EUR
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The designs

leaf shrug and shirt dress

Leaf Shrug & Celandine

Long-sleeved shrug
Celandine: shirt dress with Raglan armholes
Fair Isle yoke pullover and flounce skirt

Rustling & Swaying Firs

Rustling: two-coloured yoke tee with short sleeves and lace pattern in the body
Swaying Firs: floor-length Volant skirt
Crocheted cape and princess seam dress

Spring Forest Cape & Chasing Bees

Crocheted cape
Chasing Bees: princess seam dress with asymmetrical hem
Cape-top and thirties pointed skirt

Holle's Spell & Goldmary's Guerdon

Holle's Spell: combination of top and shawl, the shawl forming the cap sleeves of the top
Goldmary's Guerdon: pointed skirt
Lace stole and bustier dress

Lace Stole & Monstera

Lace stole
Monstera: bustier dress
Pullover with slit sleeves and flared trousers

Titania's Talisman & Tilia

Titania's Talisman: pullover with open cape-sleeves
Tilia: long trousers with flared leg
Lace shawl with Shetland patterns

Cascade Shawl

Lace shawl combining Shetland wool and mohair
Summer costume with crocheted lace insertions

Arcadia Costume

Costume with crocheted lace insertions
Harebell Tee and Bilberry Shorts

Harebell Tee & Bilberry Shorts

Harebell: boxy tee with beaded lace pattern on the back
Bilberry: shorts with double turn-up and pleats
A-line cardigan and bustier dress

Lemon Leaves & Monstera

Lemon Leaves: long, A-line cardigan
Monstera: bustier dress
Serene Paths and Whispering Willow

Serene Paths & Whispering Willow

Serene Paths: tee with short puff sleeves and diagonal intarsia
Whispering Willow: skirt with asymmetrical flounce
Nordic Dirndl and Apron

Nordic Dirndl & Apron

Nordic Dirndl: dirndl-style dress
Apron: knitted apron with lace patterns
Lissuin Socks

Lissuin Socks

Lissuin: top-down socks with traditional heel flap
Tulip Road Socks

Tulip Road Socks

Tulip Road: toe-up socks with short row heels
Fashion Photos – Ellin Anderegg