Enjoy a walk in the forest

The valiant Tailoress is the first and only magazine that offers matching designs. It combines sewing, knitting and crochet to create entire outfits. That means, you are not only getting a pullover to knit, you get the skirt to go with it as well.


Get a first impression of the look and feel of the magazine. We designed the layout with lots of big photos, strong typo and soft colours. The result is a stylish coffee table magazine that you can proudly present in the living room when company calls. At first glance it does not look like a typical knitting or sewing magazine at all. Because that‘s what it‘s not. It looks like a high-end fashion magazine.


When you have a quiet moment, you can spend a jolly afternoon snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy the beautiful photos and to read the articles.

Now, what is there for you to see: an impressively focused and cinematic set of the southern Black Forest. We shot the fashion photos in two dreamy spots in the area around Todtmoos. One location is at a glacier mill from the Ice Age, which is a truly magical place. The other a romantic stream deep in the forest with soft mossy grounds. 

And when it is time to set to work, you find all the instructions, carefully and clearly layouted for you to follow. 


We visited Isabell Kraemer in the medieval town, where she lives in a beautifully restored house. She showed us her work and gave an indepth interview about her design process. 

Then we went to one of only two remaining milliners who make the iconic Black Forest "bollenhut" still by hand. You will get a total new view on pompoms. 

You can indulge in fantasy colours, which Andrea Hädener aka Fiberpassion creates. If you love Avalon, the mystery, the myth, you will love to get to know her work. 

Meet two young entrepeneurs who aim to supply the industry with sustainable yarn. Made from dog's hair. A material as soft and fine as cashmere. 


While you wander about, you will get to know the designers. They have written down their inspirations for their designs and their associations with the forest theme. 

And of course, there are things to learn: we illustrated three different methods of how to line a sleeveless dress. Furthermore, Antoinette Andriese gives you a tip of how to achieve a better fit in your knitting projects. 


The Designs


Fashion Photos: Ellin Anderegg