Advocating graceful courage

The valiant Tailoress

Three at one stroke

The brave little tailor was my favourite tale as a child. Probably because it was not the super confident hero who tackled challenges that were impossible to master. It was someone nobody would have set a bet on, the small insignificant tailor who did the deed with wit and ease. 

Just as in the fairy tale, “making it” is rewarded. The tangible prizes that you get are the pretty dresses, skirts, trousers and their matching tees or jackets. Of course the focus lies on them. However, beyond that there is more to gain, an immaterial guerdon. Like all fairy tale heroes the little tailor gets it too: a happy life.

Defeat the giant

Creating something with ones own hands, making ones own clothes is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. If you already made this experience, you don’t need to read on. The joy of taking a handmade item out of the closet is a far cry from the short-lived kick that a shop-bought piece gives. A piece that often has not even been touched or tried on and sadly in too many cases soon joins the landfill. 

Fashioning a handmade wardrobe not only counteracts the fast fashion industry. Today our environment is highly demanding and more often than not determines how we spend our precious lifetime. The king wants us to catch the rhino, to defeat the giants. So with our everyday life being quite stressful, why on earth should we make an extra effort to make clothes? Simply ordering them would be so much quicker. Indeed it would, but placing a simple order is nothing to be proud of. It is not necessary to make our clothes, but we benefit from it. With The valiant Tailoress you will experience that spending time on making clothes is like pure luxury. By stepping out of a fast-moving and inhumane system to take matters in our own hands, we become masters of our own time. We claim back self-determination. 

Faith in undreamed-of abilities

Alas, today everything must be fast and easy. As little effort as possible, please. Is that good for us, are we happy rushing through life? For me the exact opposite is true. Avoiding the effort means to deprive myself of the accomplishment. And of the happy feeling that comes with it. Why should I miss out on that, why should you? Engaging in a project, trying to get the best result, tackling challenges and then being able to say: I have made this. That is a joy that lasts. Nobody can take it away from you. Even if something does not turn out the way you would have liked it to be, you learn and grow with every project. 

A fulfilling activity, a self-determined use of ones own time, learning and growing – that is what we call happiness. And that is what The valiant Tailoress is for. —