Harebell Tee and Bilberry Shorts
Harebell & Bilberry

Decent stocking stitch in the front. A dainty lace pattern in the back. Adorned with beads. No seaming. The Harebell tee ticks a lot of the boxes many knitters are looking for. And with its boxy shape, it is a pretty cool and relaxed summer tee to wear. The Harebell lace is just so pretty, you will enjoy knitting it. 

The Bilberry shorts complement the summery look of the tee. The legs are wide and comfortable, almost like a skirt. The pleats in the front create room as well. The double turn-up gives them a finished look.

Design Harebell Tee by Karianne Holhjem Schirmer
Design Bilberry Shorts by Melanie Scharlé