Leaf Shrug and Celandine
Leaf Shrug & Celandine

The Leaf Shrug keeps your arms and shoulders warm when the evenings get a little chillier. The knitting starts at one sleeve with a beautiful lace ribbing and continues over the back to the other sleeve in an intricate leaf pattern.

The Raglan armhole of Celandine is designed to showcase the beautiful lace patterns of the shrug. It also makes Celandine the perfect shirt dress for knitters. Combine it with all your lovely cardigans. The dress is fairly loose at the waist. Adjust it according to your own taste and comfort with a sewn belt. The knee-length skirt consists of three gathered tiers and has inseam pockets. 

Design Leaf Shrug by Triin Kalbus
Design Celandine by Melanie Scharlé