Serene Paths and Whispering Willow
Serene Paths & Whispering Willow

The forest can appear dramatically different in different light. Sometimes a densely wooded, shadowy and cool area lies adjacent to a sunny clearing. Serene Paths captures these two sides with its striking diagonal colour-block. Not only the colour changes, the texture is different as well. An enjoyable lattice pattern alternates with quick and simple stocking stitch. The pleated puff sleeves add further interest. This design lends itself to playing with colour and yarn and trying out variations. 

The skirt picks up the diagonal line of the tee and continues it over the front with an asymmetrical flounce that goes all around the bottom of the skirt. At first glance it appears like a wrap skirt but isn't. The skirt is fairly wide and swings around the body. Three pleats in the front add extra room, and the inseam pockets hold what you might find during your walk on serene paths. 

Design Serene Paths by Janet Baltosser
Design Whispering Willow by Melanie Scharlé